Do you have great research units to share? Is there a graphic organizer that you've developed that has worked well for you? Do you have a snazzy anticipatory set for a specific research topic that you like to use? Do you have tips for organizing students working in groups?

Please share any wonderful lessons that you have developed!

I want to target science in the library this year. I would like my teaching to be relevant to the students and what they are doing in their classroom. I wanted to provide students with the opportunity of using what they are learning in the classroom with the skills and strategies I am teaching in the library. When there is time and opportunity to collaborate with the Computer Lab Specialists about the projects they are working on in the lab, we try to combine all three together. For example: a 4th grade class is learning about the water cycle in their classroom, we are doing research on the water cycle in the library, and they will be making a Powerpoint on the water cycle in the computer lab. As part of the library instruction, the students will make a storyboard of their Powerpoint with the information from their research and classroom instruction, then they will take that storyboard to the computer lab to complete the project.