Book trailers are a great
way to book talk, to get
students excited about
reading, and to promote
specific books.
Book Trailers for the 2013-2014 Beehive Book Awards - These were compiled by Stephanie Bauman at Ensign and include her advice and comments. Thank you, Stephanie!

Tuesdays at the Castle

Close to Famous (Younger Students) Older Students

The Humming Room (younger students) (older students)

Icefall (Awful, nothing else!)

Inside Out and Back Again (3-4 grade). (5-6 grade) (reads aloud by author).

Malcom at Midnight (1st chapter read aloud: Scroll down)

Three Times Lucky (boring! But wholesome) (Best)

Brixen Witch (Kind of lame, nothing else, seriously nothing)

Wonder (younger) (Interview with Inspiration for Book)

Zita the Spacegirl (The official trailer but awful, have they never seen a movie trailer, i'ts supposed to sell the story! Set the stage, create intrigue!)
(Includes short author interview)

Book Trailers for the 2012-2013 Beehive Book Awards - This was created by wonderful Phyllis Hall! It was created for to be used with your Smart Board. The book trailers are embedded within the .notebook file. The file was too big to upload to the wiki, and so it was uploaded to the EdTech My.Uen page under the tab called Library Resources.

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