Blabbers from Class
Sloth Animal Report
George Washington
James Madison
French class
This is really a poetry blabber---but the image is a big, red cliff to show that you can put a mouth on inanimate objects
Book report
Cupcake Poetry
Blabber where student used something created in Paint
To Kill a Mockingbird

Blabber Tutorial
Handout with good screen shots
Blabberize Cheat Sheet

Blabberize Lesson Plans
Lesson Plan for Poetry Blabberize Activity from Read Write Think

Library Books Blabbers about Overdues or Returning Books on Time
Bella and Edward
Young girl
Babuska Kitty --The narration is quiet. So you'll need to turn your speaker volume all the way up.
Justin Bieber--Be sure and watch this before you show it. You might not like it.
Dog - Turn Your Books in on Time --A cute reminder.
Dog - Return Books on Time --Very cute.
Talking Book --Use the script from this blabber and create your own blabber and insert your own library's name.

Other Library Blabbers
Cecelia Chicken and Book Care
Welcome to the Library --Use this as an idea. You could make one like this and use the name of your own school and put it on your library webpage.
Skippy Jon Jones Welcome to the Library
Talking School Library Book Slot Return --Use this as an idea.
School Library Hours --Use this as an idea.
No Monkey Business --This is a cranky librarian.
High School Example with Beyonce --The libraian is asking the students to make a book trailer and to "like" the high school library on Facebook.
Library Expectations --A student-made blabber about library expectations.