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Use these handouts, tutorials, and tips to access all the advantages of Follett Destiny!

Specific for SLCSD - Tutorial on how to add parent patrons to the system

Specific for SLCSD - Handout for teachers about how to reserve materials from the District Media Center

You can call Destiny Customer Service with Destiny questions. The number is 800.323.3397. You will need to give them your customer # when you call. You received a handout with your customer number at our Destiny trainings on August 8th and 9th.

Don't forget the great Follett eLearning modules. You can create an account and watch helpful videos on many different Destiny topics.

When you are ready to send CIP information to Lonnie, download this organizer to your network drive. Enter the necessary CIP information, save it, and then send it as an email attachment to Lonnie.

If you need to order barcodes, you can use this form and send it to Lonnie.