These are all .notebook files. Click on them and save them to your network drive. You can then edit them so that they meet your teaching objectives. For all SLCSD library technology teachers--please feel free to add your own Smart Board files so that we can all benefit and learn from each other!

Practicing Call Numbers for Fiction

Plot of a Story - The Three Bears

Retelling a Story - The Three Little Pigs

Dewey Decimal System

Activity for the book Tuesday by David Weisner

Activity for the book Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Palocco

Library Jeopardy

Just Right Books - This is a wonderful Smart Board lesson from Phyllis Hall that helps students choose just the right books!

Book Trailers for the 2012-2013 Beehive Book Awards - This was created by wonderful Phyllis Hall! It was created for to be used with your Smart Board. The book trailers are embedded within the .notebook file. The file was too big to upload to the wiki, and so it was uploaded to the EdTech My.Uen page under the tab called Library Resources.